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Online Course

7 Live Sessions

Private program offerings only at this time

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Course Overview

So often, in the spirit of Racial Healing, we are confronted with challenging conversations. “What do I say?” “How do I say it?” “What will happen after I say it?” This course is the practice space you need to fuel your allyship! It’s all about having those hard conversations, talking, interrupting, and feeling whole while doing so.


When we choose to integrate the heart and mouth, we align our highest values and deepest intentions with our words and actions. This is transformative allyship. 


In this course, you will be practicing compassion and courage. You will work on conversation skills and tools, using frameworks from several leaders in the field (majority BIPOC). And you will practice having these hard conversations in a supportive community. True to our approach, you will engage in personal self-reflection and contemplative practices, small group discussion in Ally-Pods throughout the course, and whole group learning during our live sessions. These are the transformative elements of the RHA model, and we invite you in to experience the healing effects of collective allyship practice.


Read your facilitators’ bios here. Discover the power of RHA trainings from past participants' testimonials here. And then join us for this powerful course experience!

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