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Healing & Facilitating

for Inclusion & Belonging

NEW Train-the-Trainer Certification Program 

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Earn Your 300-Hour Certification 

Become certified in two critical areas of racial healing leadership: 

  • EI2: Emotionally Intelligent Equity & Inclusion™ Facilitation

  • Certified Racial Healing Allies® Facilitator

Through this 11-month certification program, participants will
HEAL through inner-work,
TRANSFORM both self and systems, and
LEAD courageously to create more inclusive schools, organizations,

and communities where there is an experience of belonging and equitable outcomes.

Course Overview

We're living in a time where we can no longer show up to LEAD without doing our own work, where change requires us to dig deeper and BE different to LEAD different.  Leaders are striving to be more effective and impactful  - and are struggling. Emotions and conditioning get in the way.  Lack of vulnerability, compassion, and fear get in the way. To sustain in this work requires Emotionally Intelligent Equity & Inclusion™. This work requires courageous leadership development. COURAGE. IS. THE. CURE.

If you are a new - or established-  leader in a school or organization,
if you are designated DEIB professional,
if you are a facilitator or coach growing into the DEIB space,
then this certification is for YOU.

(And if not YOU, then who might you share this with in your district or organization?)

After more than 30 years of facilitation and leadership experience, it is more than evident to me that there is an “order of operations” designed to support the transformational journey and leadership know-how that results in more inclusive practice.  Our schools, organizations, and communities deserve to be more effective in terms of equity and belonging. 

The Courage is the Cure™ certification program is rooted in my signature approach of emotionally intelligent equity and inclusion leadership development. I use my own framework, as well as componentes of privatized curriculum from best in class leaders and organizations. The certification has a balanced interplay of racial healing work for SELf-transformation along with courageous leadership competencies for systemic-transformation. 


Courage is the Cure™ provides a systems-level approach integrating three key areas to BE an inclusive leader:

  1. Racial Healing work - both experiential exploration and facilitation support

  2. Transformational professional learning toward embodiment of courageous leadership 

  3. EI2: Emotionally-intelligent equity and inclusions facilitation and communication competencies for effective DEIB work

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Through this intensive program, participants will practice within the three thematic areas of racial healing leadership: 

  • HEAL: This theme invites us to engage in deep inner work to heal long-term patterns related to race and racism.

  • TRANSFORM: This theme forms the bridge between our personal racial healing and self-transformation to our ability to create systemic transformation.  

LEAD: This theme empowers us to skillfully facilitate for racial healing - the work of humanity - with courage and compassion toward equity in our schools, organizations, and communities. 


In this program, participants will do the following: 


  • Develop and enhance critical emotional competencies for racial healing through an emotionally intelligent lens

  • Identify and explore habits of White dominant culture

  • Increase awareness of how your your social positionality, intersectionality, and social conditioning affect your facilitation of racialized conversations

  • Practice somatics for self and collective healing

  • Engage in practices to heal racialized trauma


  • Practice somatics for transformation to become an embodied racial healing facilitator and leader

  • Engage in racialized conversations in a way that generates personal growth and deepening of relationship 

  • Learn skills of Courageous Leadership to explicitly disrupt inequities in your sphere of influence

  • Anchor to new ways of be-ing that support your facilitation

  • Resilience and self-care in leading for Inclusion


  • Practice somatics for Leading

  • Express how to “Be” and what to “Do” in difficult conversations

  • Develop skills for building trust in teams  

  • Create personal Leadership Vision and Call to Courage

  • Apply courageous engagement and facilitation


  • BE ABLE TO LEAD & FACILITATE for SUSTAINABLE transformation and equitable outcomes

    • Increased confidence

    • Increased skills

    • Inclusive, healing-centered design acumen

    • Already designed transformational training modules and curriculum

  • Complete an Individualized Development Plan for DEIB Growth & Facilitation

  • Receive tools, handouts, activities, and other resources for use in your facilitation work 

  • Connect with a long-term supportive community of colleagues committed to racial healing and equity

  • Qualify for International Coaching Federation (ICF) units

  • Receive Anti-Bias Certificate of Training

  • Earn Dare to Lead Trained® Trained Certification, along with LinkedIn badge

    • This is explicit courageous leadership framework that qualifies you to facilitate Daring Teams at your organizations

  • Be included in RHA® Directory of Facilitators 

  • Earn Racial Healing Allies® Facilitator Certification

    • Receive proprietary Mindful Allyship™ foundational components, frameworks, and curriculum

  • A second year that includes: 

    • Leadership Labs - Informal sessions to provide room for Q & A, group sharing

    • Continued access to LMS and Network portal for continuous learning, support and community access

    • Access to regularly updated proprietary resources, frameworks, and curriculum

    • Structure provided to register for 1:1 coaching for targeted facilitation engagements


  • Engage in at least 8 hours of professional learning as it relates to Racial Healing

  • Facilitate at least 3 meetings or trainings as it relates to racial healing, earning satisfactory feedback results

  • Renew Certification with $1,000 Annual Certification Investment in Year 2 (continued access to thought-partnership, Leader Labs, and updated frameworks and content, and facilitator directory)

  • Secure and maintain Professional Liability Insurance


CERTIFICATION PROGRAM LOGISTICS - if you’re serious, then save these dates! 

11-month program (42 weeks) includes: 

  • All learning materials, inclusive of books

  • 30 hours Retreat #1 - Jan 26 - 28, 2023

  • 30 hours Retreat #2 - Nov 9 - 11,  2023

    • Both retreats include at least two provided meals (travel and lodging are not included in program tuition)

  • 36 hours of explicit content delivery and engaged learning experiences

    • 9 Saturdays @ 8 - 12 PST

      • Feb 25, Mar 25, Apr 22, May 20, June 24, July 22, Aug 19, Sept 16, Oct 14

  • 9 hours of Ally Pod Groups meetings

  • 18 hours of Coaching Pod Group sessions

  • 3 hours of 1:1 sessions with Faculty Facilitators 

  • 2 hours of 1:1 sessions with Coach Mentors

  • 100 hours of Lifework, including some somatics


    = 300 Total hours of content-contact time, approximately



$15,000 total for Years 1 & 2 participation

  • Payment plans available

  • Non-Refundable $2,000 deposit due with Letter of Commitment, approximately 2 weeks after acceptance

Travel to retreat locations along with Lodging at/near retreat locations is the responsibility of the participant/particpant’s organization



October 15: Application DUE

October 30 - Nov 2: Notification Letters sent

November 15: Contracts & Deposits DUE

Application Questions doc (it will prompt them to make a copy):


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